SVDA Education Scholarship Program 


To encourage the continuing advancement in dressage of SVDA members. And to encourage active participation and volunteering by SVDA members.


The Board of Directors has budgeted $800 per year, for two $400 grants to be awarded to two different members of SVDA in April each year. (2/03) Members must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Two full years of membership in SVDA prior to the April 1st deadline
  2. A minimum of 20 hours of volunteer hours to benefit SVDA
  3. Participations in the SVDA fundraising project.


  1. Clinics for training of the horse and rider combination
  2. Clinics for training of the rider

*NOTE* the training of the horse that does not include the education of the SVDA member is not eligible for fund use.  Instruction with the rider’s regular local instructor is not allowed, nor is food, transportation or lodging.


Application form must be completed and received by the Scholarship Chairman before April 1st


Two awards will be made to eligible SVDA members on the basis of volunteer hours.  The minimum of 20 hours performed during the past two years.  Services must be rendered to SVDA (sanctioned show service does NOT count), and the merit of educational plans will also be considered.  A Board member is considered a volunteer for the purposes of scholarship eligibility (7/06).


The Scholarship Chairman will present all applications to the Officers and Board of Directors at the April Board meeting.  The Board of Directors will vote by secret ballot to select the two winners.  All applications will receive a letter form the Scholarship Chairman within two weeks from the date of that vote.  Applicants not awarded a grant are eligible to apply again.  Applicants may only receive one grant per year and must meet new requirements before applying again.


Payment will be made directly from the SVDA treasurer to the clinician or educational program management.  When this is not possible, receipts must be presented to the SVDA treasurer before final payment will be made.  The SVDA treasurer has the final decision that the receipts presented are acceptable.  Applicants who win the awards have one year to complete training with the award money.  At the end of one year, any award money unused will revert to the SVDA treasury.


A written report on the event paid for the SVDA grant should be sent to the newsletter editor and the Scholarship Chairman by the last Monday of the month in which the training has taken place.

SVDA Foundation Fund

I. Eligibility

a. SVDA Foundation Awards will be based on a demonstrated financial need. The Applicant can request an amount but the Board will set the final award. Generally, awards will be between $50 and $200.

b. SVDA is looking for applicants with a strong volunteer background and commitment to dressage and promotion of SVDA related activities. A minimum of 2 years membership and 20 hours volunteer credit during those two years is required. Applicants must be current SVDA members in good standing. (04/2014)

c. SVDA Foundation Awards encourage applicants who would like to participate in opportunities not normally available to them.

II. Application Instructions

Please include the following information in a typed document, not to exceed four pages total. At least 30 days prior to the event/training, please mail a hard copy to: Janice Mumford Attn: SVDA Foundation Fund 4152 Longstreet Lane, Suffolk, VA 23437

Download Foundation Fund Application (.pdf)

SVDA Scholarship Contact

Janice Mumford |

Download your Scholarship Application Here | DEADLINE IS APRIL 1, 2018!!

SVDA Scholarship Winners

2005- Ashley Swindell

2006- Wendy Murray & Kasey Blanton

2007- Janice Mumford & Sandy Johnson

2008- Sarah Miller & Anna Stovall

2009- Kya Endreson & Mary Winchell

2010- Sarah Miller & Robyn Nunnally

2011-  Jennifer Rombs & Sandy Johnson

2012 – Melissa Mahoney & Anna Shriebl

2013 – Katie Lang

2014 – Louise Murray, Sarah Miller, Sandy Johnson & Mary Winchell

2015 – Nancy Pettet, Anna Schriebl, Shari Cutchins & Toni Meranda

2016 – Wendy Murray, Caitlin Couch & Lyndy Soboleski

2017 – Ann Jacobson & Julie Shilling